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Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration for Home or Business

What to do when you’ve got water damage

If your home or business has experienced damage due to leaks, pipe breaks or other causes, contact us first to find out how affordable and fast our cleanup and restoration service is.

Don’t panic, but act fast. If your home or business has suffered water damage—if water has entered your home due to flood water or other natural disasters, or from broken plumbing or appliances—time is the enemy.


3 Things You Should Do Immediately:

  1. Don’t enter standing water.
  2. Turn off electrical power to affected areas.
  3. If the source is a burst or leaky pipe, shut down the water supply to the home or business.


Then call us. We can begin professional water damage cleanup almost immediately. Our 24/7 emergency services will talk with you right away and help you take action to mitigate the damage even before our crews arrive.


The basics of water damage

Whether you have standing water in your home or just some wet carpet, you must recognize water as the menace it is. Though water isn’t an immediate danger in most situations, removing water quickly can lessen total damage.


  1. Water gets everywhere. The longer it sits, the more moisture can creep into cracks. Flooring and walls can warp and buckle. Even structural components in your house—from studs to joists and even concrete foundations—can be compromised. Water can create a rivulet that forms puddles dozens of feet away from the main affected area. It can even climb up walls, because porous surfaces act like sponges.
  2. Water damage is ongoing damage. Until the water is removed and an aggressive drying process is begun, the affected area is still being damaged. It can cause structural damage to studs, joists, and even concrete foundations if they are allowed to stay wet or damp.
  3. Water damage can bring secondary damage. Mold and mildew often follow a water damage event, sometimes months after. If the flood remediation isn’t professional and thorough, another disaster could be waiting to happen.
water damage cleanup

The steps of professional water damage cleanup

How we limit damage when water enters your home

  1. We stop the flow and remove the water. This can be easy in the case of a plumbing issue, and much harder in the case of natural disasters. Our professional water damage experts can assess the situation and bring in the right tools to act quickly, including industrial-grade equipment if needed. We’ll provide pricing on the spot for these first emergency measures.
  2. We start the drying process. There’s no point in waiting for this step. The sooner the affected area is exposed to fast-flowing air, the less damage will occur. Water can be clean water direct from the plumbing, gray water from an appliance overflow or roof leak, or contaminated water such as from flooding or a sewer backup. Different types of water damage require different strategies, and it takes a professional to choose the right method.
  3. We assess the full scope of the damage. We examine every aspect of your home or business, looking for intrusions that aren’t obvious. We want to make sure that we find a small problem now, so it won’t become a big problem later.
  4. We provide a full estimate for complete damage cleanup, including restoration services, within 24 hours of completing the assessment. Then we’ll fully catalog damage to the structure and affected items such as furniture, clothing, and appliances. We’ll work with your insurance company to make sure there is no confusion or omission, to make sure you get the money you need to rebuild as good as new.
  5. We fix it, good as new. We repair damage and clean all affected areas, returning them to their pre-loss condition. We launder damaged soft goods and haul away any material that must be disposed of. We leave you confident in the sturdiness of your home or business.

Maybe you don’t need us.

It’s possible that your water event isn’t as bad as it first looks. Perhaps the water is uncontaminated and you managed to get towels and mops working quickly, and there’s no damage beyond a wet carpet.

It still makes sense to have a professional water damage team take a look. Water won’t wait to start its damage, so you shouldn’t wait to start a thorough and complete cleanup.

We Clean And Securely Store Your Belongings While We Work.

We provide cleaning and storage for all salvageable items while your home or office is being cleaned or rebuilt due to fire, water or any other form of damage.
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