When your home sustains roof damage, the consequences are often far reaching. Water damage is incredibly common, with rain water leaking into the upper portions of the home and causing rot, mildew growth, and worse. Electricity bills will increase as the HVAC unit in your home attempts to compensate for the sudden lack of insulation. Perhaps the most dangerous side effect of roof damage is its potential threat to the structural integrity of the home.

Roof damage can be caused by many things, but the common culprits are natural causes such as tree branches or severe storm damage. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, and tornadoes can also destroy a roof. No matter how serious the damage may appear at first, it is important that homeowners move quickly to repair it. The longer the roof is left in its broken state, the more expensive repairs will be.

PC Restorations specializes in repairing home damage, particularly when caused by natural disasters. When a home requires a patch job to fix the hole caused by a broken branch or replacement shingles for those blown away by severe weather, PC Restorations is there to help. Full replacement of roofs that are dilapidated or completely burned out is also available. For any home repair questions or concerns, contact PC Restorations today.

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